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Huayi new energy

Suzhou Huayi new energy technology co., LTD., located in the beautiful scenery, taicang city of jiangsu province, was founded in 2004, in the domestic takes the lead in the lithium ion battery additives and ethylene carbonate into the global market, broke the foreign enterprise of technology monopoly, to the global best on little of the power of lithium ion battery, after nine years of development, the company successfully launched another functional additives - fluoro ethylene carbonate, and continue to contribute to the global cause of lithium ion batteries.

Tel:+86 512 53648658
Fax:+86 512 53642517
Add:No.8, zhongxin middle road, petrochemical district, taicang port, jiangsu province

Suzhou huayi new energy technology co. LTD

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